Customized Call Routing

Call Classification

Call Routing Rules
Whether operating a solo or group practice, managers can set rules on who the message is sent to and when. With our robust call templates, you can set up as any many directional options as necessary. With our integrated call schedule, we can send the message to the person on call. And if you work within a solo practice, we can send message notifications to doctors covering your call. Whatever your routing needs, Rapidocc will help your practice get the right call to the right doctor at the right time.

Message Review

Message Review
Based on your phone call routing instructions, Rapidocc can notify you of an urgent voicemail, patch you through for an immediate conversation, or send the call back to office as non-urgent. In any case, we’ll ensure on-call providers get the message quickly and can review it in a way they deem appropriate.

Unlimited Greetings with Instructions

Unlimited Greetings with Instructions

Using our call routing feature, managers can set up various office greetings and save them to be used based on circumstance. All office greetings can be changed with a few simple edits. Greetings and instructions can be simple or robust, depending on the details providers need.”

Automated or Human Greetings

Automated or Human Greetings

To instruct and provide office background, practices have the option of utilizing Rapidocc’s automated voice or recording and uploading a custom script. Our automated voice or your script can be continuously refined until you are satisfied with the content and tonality of the greeting voice.

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