On-Call Scheduling

Drop and Drag

Simply drop the on-call provider and insert the start and end date and time of the provider scheduled to be on call. The time, start, and end dates will be digitally reflected for you to confirm in our easy to read calendar. All details can be saved daily, monthly, or even annually.

Change the Schedule Anywhere

Make changes quickly, the on-call schedule can be changed on any tablet or computer at any time via your on-line portal. Simply access the portal with your admin details, and edit the provider on call.

Instant Download

After scheduling all providers, simply click download to share the calendar via email or print-out. Helpful when you need to share details with third parties.”

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with Rapidocc

Sign up

Register for Rapidocc and get your unique phone number.

Forward After hour calls

Replace your after hours call forwarding number with your Rapidocc phone number.


Download iOS/Android version of Rapidocc mobile application. Listen to or read your after-hour patients’ concerns.